About me

Me: John Kubie.

I’m a Neuroscientist working at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY (depts of Cell Biology and Physiology/Pharmacology).

My areas of concentration are Hippocampus, Navigation, Learning and Memory. Earlier work was on the olfactory systems in salamanders and snakes.

In the past few years I’ve been reading and writing more broadly on Consciousness, Morality, Decision Making and a few other brain/behavior topics. (Its been tough to tie these into the hippocampus, but I’m working at it.)

I try to keep up on popular press coverage of Neuroscience. I have great respect for a few science journalists, but mostly I’m concerned about press coverage and popular books in Neuroscience. I’ll likely use this space to write brief reviews and reactions.

The photo above is a photoshopped picture of a human brain dissection. In teaching med students for about 25 years I’ve cut and dissected many brains. The picture is a lateral view of a dissection down to white matter, anterior to the left. The corona radiata is the arc of white matter connecting superior cortex to deeper structures. The corona is continuous with the internal capsule, which is the shadowed cavitation below. There is no real break between these strucures. Collectively, the corona radiata/internal capule system connects neocortex to deeper brain structures.

More dissection photos.

email: jkubie@downstate.edu
Twitter: @JohnKubie

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3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi John, I found your Website by chance and I loved it. The broad nature of the topics you cover is really exciting. I will become your follower. Thank you for posting these interesting ideas and research!! Isabel

  2. Hi John. I just wanted to let you know I read your article on the 6 parts of the identity and it really helped me to structure the final essay I had to write for a literature class (loss of identity in a dystopian society was my topic). It was a really interesting read and knowing that you also write and research concerning neuroscience (one of my favorite subjects), I will definitely read more of the articles you post! Thank you for your wonderful ideas!

  3. Hi John. I’m very excited to re-find your blog tonight. I remember coming across it a while ago, when it had just a few sparse posts, and being disappointed that you seemed to have taken a blogging break. Looking forward to catching up, great stuff.

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