Memento and Personal identity

What does the movie Memento (2000) say about memory? Personal identity? Does it get the facts straight? (mostly, yes). I’ve written a post at the BrainFacts Blog site “Memento and Personal Identity”. Leonard has amnesia; the critical clip from the movie:

(I promise to get back to posting on this site soon. I’m working on two topics)


Grid Cells, Place Cells and Navigation

grid module small I’ve made a posting on the BrainsFacts Blog site on Grid Cells and Path Integration. Aimed at High School and College students, but I think it gets complicated. Write your comments here!

Also, planning a third post or the Modular organization of Grid Cells. Based on new paper “Specific evidence of low-dimensional continuous attractor dynamics in grid cells” (Yoon et al) published in Nature Neuroscience.